New York City, New York, USA

Hi! my name is Nikunj. I am a physicist and frequent world traveler. I believe that science and traveling are the asymptotes of the same curiosity where science leads us to optimize the needs in our life and traveling, on the other hand, leads to the advancement in our lifestyle.

My passion for science started back in 2014 when I started my bachelor studies at a prestigious university in India called the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi). I was hooked to many aspects of science after my freshman year and in my sophomore year, one of them opened a gate for me to travel the first time outside of India for a scientific project in Seoul, South Korea. The differences I found in culture, language and lifestyle there left me stunned. I was pretty much lost as everything around me was looking like a dream. Over time, I was indulged in that environment, started enjoying those differences, adapting to the Korean lifestyle, learning the Korean language, eating delicious Korean food every day every meal, hanging out with my Korean friends and almost forgot WhatsApp because there they use Kakaotalk application for texting.

After the South Korean trip, I knew I wanted to do this again so, I then went back to India and followed up with my degree, started waiting for such an opportunity again. After my enormous efforts in a project in India that leads us to some excellent results opened another chance for me after a whole one year to demonstrate that and travel abroad for a few months to London, England. During this research trip, I realized my passion for traveling, knowing different cultures, learning different languages and meeting new people. This way, I induced a huge interest and became really passionate about traveling with science in my pocket.

I later in 2017 traveled to eight countries in Europe over a span of 2 months like a true backpacker. It came out possible because of the exchange/ERASMUS program that I attended at an elite university in Switzerland called EPFL in Lausanne where I wrote my bachelor’s thesis.

Not just that, this passion for science and traveling combined took me to the best university in the world in Sciences and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for a research program which also accomplished my American dreams that I believe every teenager sees at some point in their life especially when they grow up seeing American movies and sitcoms like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I met your mother, The Big Bang Theory, etc.

I never knew traveling could be possible this way but it is happening. I will keep updating my exciting journey through this blog and help my readers to explore the globe with me with a little science and most importantly, make you ready to hit the road as well. You can follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook also. Let’s keep in touch!